Legal Services

Family Law

Mr. Doucet has extensive experience in all areas of Family Law. Whether it is the delicate negotiation of a “pre-nup” (a marriage contract or a cohabitation agreement), or the skillful and tough resolution of a nasty separation, Mr. Doucet brings decades of trial and court experience to the table. Well known by lawyers and judges alike for a prepared and effective approach, Mr. Doucet has clients referred to him by both former clients and lawyers alike. The reason is simple – he gets results.

The complexity of matrimonial law is not for the part-timer or the inexperienced lawyer. Courts are regularly setting aside improperly drafted marriage contracts and separation agreements. Complex issues such as valuation of family assets, and the increasingly confusing issues surrounding spousal support require more and more specialization in this type of litigation.

Mr. Doucet offers free initial consultation to anyone who is undergoing the uncertainty of a potential family law problem. Consultations can be arranged in person, by phone, or by Skype most days with little or no delay.

Mr. Doucet takes pride in providing effective solutions sooner rather than later. In a separation or divorce, time waiting for a solution tends to open wounds, not heal them.

Employment Law

An employee who has just been fired or an employer who needs to terminate a significant employee both face great uncertainty and complicated legal issues.
With thirty years of tested experience before courts, human rights tribunals, and related boards and commissions, Mr. Doucet provides clear and pointed guidance on resolution is well known as a forceful and effective advocate if a matter needs to be resolved through litigation.

Employment contracts are more essential for both employers and key employees and the knowledge that Mr. Doucet has accumulated in both drafting and litigating employment contracts is an invaluable advantage.

As with all legal matters, Mr. Doucet is pleased to extend a free initial consultation to any potential client facing any employment related issues. Experience is just a free phone call away.


Life and business can bring unexpected pitfalls that require resolution in the courts. This is no place for the unprepared or the novice. Far too many litigants have learned “the hard way” that a prepared, experienced and tactically superior advocate is often the key to winning rather than losing a significant legal battle. Simply, there is no substitute for experience.

In your initial, free consultation, Mr. Doucet will listen to your story, analyze the issues, and provide a direct and clear outline of options, timelines and a reasonable estimate of possible legal fees. Appointments are never rushed and Mr. Doucet takes a passionate interest in solving problems effectively.

No excuses – just results.

Is your lawyer not returning your phone calls? Can’t get in to see your lawyer? Does your lawyer not give you straight answers? Has your case been dragging and dragging? Try the proven results based approach of Peter J. Doucet. There is no charge for your first consultation.

“The greatest source of work for me are clients who are tired of waiting for their lawyer to get things done, tired of not being able to reach their lawyer, and frustrated by the lack of results”. – Peter J. Doucet