“Peter Doucet has been my lawyer for decades. He got me sole custody of my two daughters in the face of previous court orders giving sole custody to their abusive mother, he collected over half a million dollars that was owed to one of my corporations, he effectively resolved property disputes in my favour and made false charges against me disappear in record time. He will be my lawyer for as long as I need a lawyer.”Craig Kenney,
   Iroquois Falls, Ontario
“After another lawyer dragged my custody case on for almost 6 years, I was at my wit’s end. The judges were becoming frustrated with my lawyer’s poor preparation and excuses, and I was becoming the target of their impatience. When a judge became frustrated by all this and told me that the court was going to take my 5 year old daughter from me and give her to my ex, I couldn’t believe what was happening. It felt as though my world was falling apart and I was terrified for my daughter.

A friend told me to go to see Mr. Doucet. He listened patiently to the lengthy history of my saga, went through my file immediately, set out a plan of attack, and explained everything in detail every step of the way. Within 3 months he got me an order for sole custody, a no access order for my ex and closed my file!

Having Peter Doucet represent me was the best thing I did. He is experienced, professional and most importantly empathetic and underatanding. I felt reassured and well taken care of throughout the worst ordeal of my life. Mr Doucet kept my daughter safe. I am so grateful for his skill and expertise. I highly recommend Peter Doucet to anyone who needs help.”Laura Clouthier,
   Timmins, Ontario

“Peter Doucet took on a difficult and hard fought human rights case for me against a large institutional employer who was refusing to hire me based on gender based discrimination. The employer was not prepared to compromise and hired a top Toronto defence firm. Mr. Doucet won handily and got me my job. I appreciated Mr. Doucets thoroughness and professionalism while dealing with such an emotional and personal issue.”Michelle Reyns,
   Timmins, Ontario