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Smooth or Crunchy?


Let’s ponder this joint custody thing a while more. I find it one of those intellectual debates where I can argue with myself non stop (but then again I do the same thing over smooth or crunchy…………decisions). One the one hand, it’s a really nice idea. Mommy and Daddy want to rip each other’s throats out, but will play nice …

Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore….


I’ll venture a guess that no one ever wants to answer the door to find the Children’s Aid Society standing there, accompanied by the police, ready to take your kids away. Ok – maybe Lamar Odom’s mother is having second thoughts these days, but you get the idea. In theory, a Children’s Aid Society is supposed to “Promote the best interests, protection …


A Custody Primer…


Before we get deep into the jungle of custody, let’s start with a basic overview of the topography – Custody is the right to exercise all of the rights and responsibilities that a parent has towards a child. Access is the right to visit with and be visited by a child, including the same right as a parent to make …


I think I need a third butt cheek- or two


Ok, long story short, I’m what you might call old-fashioned. I like Cognac older than my wife (collecting lots of that 27 year old stuff, just like you told me to, honey-bunny), I like Sinatra and Billie Holiday after midnight, I like bartenders – not mixologists, and until recently I thought that a Metrosexual was a new form of transit dreamt up by …


King Solomon’s Nightmare


Joint custody. No, Cheech, it’s not about who stashes your weed it is a shared decision making concept that arises out of a bargaining/settlement driven mentality that, in many instances, is at best an idealistic desire to promote the best interests of the child. Now you legal scholars are already getting that dazed look because, on checking out the Divorce …


Putting Water In Your Wine


You might want to sit down and brace yourself. Forget those fairy tales about unicorns, knights on white stallions, and how Justin maybe got his father’s brain instead of Margaret’s. A lawyer is about to tell you not to spend money on legal fees!! Here’s the deal. If you have decided to battle out your differences in the hope of being successfully divorced …

custody wars

Custody Wars- The Battle Plan


A drawn out battle over custody is where it all can get very nasty. One the one hand, that is understandable, as the custody of children is no doubt the most emotionally charged issue that can arise in a separation. When you combine the heartache of a separation with the gut wrenching of breaking up not only the marriage but the kids and family …


Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow


If you’re an employer or an employee and the economy has you feeling like you’re caught in a country and western CD that ‘s on repeat play (lost my job, my truck, my wife, my dog), you might be wondering what surprises Ontario employment law has for you.

If you’re the employee who’s being downsized, you’re wondering what happens to you if you get terminated and how much you get….